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We promised!

John Young

We made it. http://jya.com/whpfiles.htm

With some help of nmol, I got wsftp working this afternoon. I failed to
click on a filename.

Good stuff at webmasters.nmol.com.  This site is under construction.

New employee Randy is putting his software at this site. In particular,
look for hypersnap which captures screen shots.

This WILL NOT BE OUR WORKING SITE. Only testing so see if I
sort-of understand html. 

Without your advice and ALOPress's html compiler putting-up a
web site in one day wouldn't have been possible for me.

We plan to post other people's pro se and other lawsuit progress
at our site.  

And try to get some CROOKED JUDGES and clerks removed from the federal
court system.

Let's hope McKinney and Grassley can help get this settled before 

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