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Prototype (fwd)

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This went out last night...figured it might be the first thing people saw
this morning when they woke up with a headache.

Feel free to adapt and use for your own purposes :)

Contact: Dena Whitebirch, (407) 678-4664, [email protected] 


Florida Company to Register New Top-Level Domains 

ORLANDO, FL - December 31, 1999 - Discussions of alternate namespace are
returning again as @quasar Network Solutions, Inc. prepares to accept
registrations in eleven new generic top-level domains. (gTLDs)

The Florida internet service provider will act as registry for domains in
the .bot, .this, .event, .script, .here, .mart, .cgi, .java, .speed,
.hosts, and .pics namespace. 

"We're really excited about the opportunity to offer new domain
alternatives and believe these and other new domains will become a
commonly accepted trend as the year 2000 progresses." said Dena A.
Whitebirch, President.  

These domains are currently operational in the Open Root Server
Confederation (ORSC) root zone.  Unlike .com, .net, etc., they are not
part of the legacy root zone so an ISP needs to add the ability to see
these for users connected to their systems.  Individual computer users can
also add the ability to see these to their individual computers if their
ISP chooses not to do this for them.

Registrations for these domains will begin in early January.  More
information will be found on the company website at http://quasar.net/
For more information about how to view sites in the Open Root Server
Confederation you can also visit http://support.open-rsc.org/

# # # 

     -=Dena Whitebirch=-            ***           http://quasar.net/    
@quasar Network Solutions, Inc.     ***   "Internet Powered by Experience"    
   Supporting ORSC Root Zone        ***   Not your Mom's Registry anymore.

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