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Eldon's accusations of "diatribe against government"

Eldon Warman, the author of the site http://www.detaxcanada.org, was arrested 
and is presently in the klink.

Don't mistake the .org site with the .net or .com or .whatever sites, for the 
rumor say they were probably set up by the goons themselves.

To know what happened to him, read the description of event on his site.

He was officially arrested for attacking a policeman or something like that.
Later, on the papers obtained from the courts, he was accused of something 
like "disrupting court" and also, (hold yourself to your chair), "diatribe 
against the government".

Forwarded below is the latest information I could get my hands on.

Black's Law Dictionary 7th edition (current) does not contain the word 
"diatribe".  Anybody has the legal definition of "diatribe" ?



==================BEGIN FORWARDED MESSAGE==================
>Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 12:08:15 -0800
>Subject: Latest on Eldon from Fred K's DIP
>From: xxxxxxxxx

Another day has passed.  We experienced additional surprises.  I called the
Remand Centre to ask when Eldon would be picked up to be transferred to
Revelstoke.  It seemed that the Thursday rules (yesterday was Thursday) do not 
allow the prison employees to give out any information to anyone.  Under the 
Wednesday rules my questions were answered.  The Crown prosecutor in my case 
of two years ago, Mr. Richard Paziuk, has proven to be right many times since 
the day he stated in court 'that the law can change from day to day'.  This
obviously has happened again in the case of giving out information regarding
a prisoner.  Be this as it may, the Just-Us system is very, very flexible!
mostly not in favor of the victim of the legal mafia.  Sorry you lawyers and 
judges, I have the duty to tell it as it is.  I know this does not please you.   
Yet you have to get used to listen to the truth.

Eldon called last night to let us know that he is in Vernon, British Columbia.  
I asked him how he was being treated.  He answered: "like the worst criminal".  
He was in iron shackles during the entire flight.  A serial killer is not 
treated worse than Eldon is being treated.  After all, a serial killer is 
aiding the "Minions of Luciferian Assassins" in the 'elimination' of the two 
billion people - one by one whereas Eldon is putting the brakes on the advance 
of totalitarian rule.  Eldon is a REAL threat to the system.  He is therefore 
a deadly enemy to their plans.  Of course he is dangerous.  Of course he has
to be guarded very carefully.  If the guards only understood that they are
aiding in their own destruction.  If these guards and the police only 
understood that they will be treated  just the same as they treat right now 
people like Eldon as soon as the NWO is secured and firmly established.
They most  likely will be treated worse, they will get the bullet because
their controllers know that they cannot be trusted.  This has happened in
the past a number of times on a number of different occasions.

Mr (or Mrs) XXXXX

Eldon is a person who would give his life for his fellow human being to live
in freedom.  I have known Eldon for at least ten years.  He is of impeccable
character and always ready to help. 

I am asking now for help from everyone of you.  Please write a letter in his
support to the Attorney General of British Columbia and the courts.  Fax your 
letter to every MLA in British Columbia.  God knows, Eldon deserves every 
possible support.  If enough people write the real goons will not be able to 
withstand the pressure YOU can exert on them.  Proof to yourself that it 
works.  I know it works.  I have experienced it many times.  I have seen the 
results.  Please take a paper and a pen and write a letter in Eldon's support 
so he might be able to help other people again, maybe even yourself.
[note from JFA: go on Eldon's site and read what he wrote under the HELP link.  
Then ACT!]
===================END FORWARDED MESSAGE===================