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RE: ZixIt (ZIXI) Suing VISA

Bob wrote:
> I say "cobbler's children" here because, like the rest of us, Paul was
> actually *at* the FC87 conference where Crowds, Janus, et. al., were
> discussed in a peer-reviewed forum -- particularly in financial
> application, though of a rather different sort :-) -- for the first time.
> FC97 was also the same conference, where, of course, Ian Goldberg,
> once-and-future-ZKS-CTO himself was when, I believe like the rest of us,
> *he* heard about those technologies for the first time, though I
> don't know
> that's actually the case, or, even, if Austin Hill, CEO of ZKS, was there
> as well. Adam Shostack was there, for that matter, while we're counting
> begats here. :-)

Jesus Christ, Bob, we all know you like to tout your own horn, but there has
to be a limit even to your ego. Are you planning to claim credit for the
invention of the Internet next?

A substantial number of people, myself included, were discussing and
designing anonymizing technologies *especially in the context of commerce*
on Cypherpunks and other lists long before you joined these list and became
exposed to these ideas which you later turned into your various digital
bearer certs mantras.

I am happy for you that reading the traffic on these lists lead to you
finding a mission in life, but the notion that Ian, Adam, or others that
have participated in these activities for years prior to FC even existing
were inspired to their work by attending FC (or, just to forestall any
future suggestions along those lines, were inspired to their work by reading
any of the lists you founded or articles you wrote after you picked up on
how important such technologies are by reading Cypherpunks for a while) is
simply ludicrous.

Let's keep that reality distortion field down, please.