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Re: DVD legal maneuvers

In article <[email protected]>,
lcs Mixmaster Remailer  <[email protected]> wrote:
> David Wagner writes:
> > The deal is, if you get intellectual property protection from the
> > government, I get fair use (which arguably includes a right to reverse
> > engineer).  Calling me dirty names (a "cheat", a "liar", and so on)
> > just because I want to exercise my fair use rights doesn't make your
> > logic any more persuasive.
> The dirty names are because you promised when you received the software
> to honor certain conditions.

Nonsense.  No I didn't.

What makes you think that one must agree to honor the software when one buys
it?  I sure don't make any such agreements when I buy software.

Sure, I might be bound not to reverse engineer if I click on a click-through
license, but if I wanted to reverse engineer some software, why on earth would
I ever click on such a license?  Remember, the software is readily available
for reverse engineering even before anyone clicks on the license.

There is no evidence, in this case, that the folks who reverse engineered the
DVD software ever agreed not to do so.  Do you have any evidence?

I'm quite sure this point has been brought up before here on this mailing
list.  It might be useful to start reading the DVD discussions here...