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Anthrax Theatre 2000

The police have improved.  They are no longer herding people into parking
lots, forcing them to strip naked, and washing them down with Clorox.

Practice makes perfect.


TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) -- A Planned Parenthood clinic received an anthrax
threat today and police blocked off streets in a 10-block area on the edge
of downtown.
Police said there was little reason to believe that the threat was
credible, noting that about 20 similar letters had been sent to clinics
nationwide in the past few days.
``None of them have had any credible threat behind them,'' said fire Capt.
Greg Locher.
The FBI said an apparent anthrax threat Monday at an abortion clinic in
Fort Wayne, Ind., was a hoax. Federal investigators in Birmingham, Ala.,
said tests on a threatening letter sent to an abortion clinic there on
Monday will most likely show it was not contaminated with anthrax
The letter sent to the Toledo clinic arrived with Monday's mail but was
not opened until today, said Bev Nathan, Planned Parenthood's interim
executive director.
``It said, 'You will die in less than 24 hours from the exposure to the
anthrax on this letter. There is simply no other way to get rid of you.
We're sorry,''' Nathan said. The letter was addressed to the clinic's
security manager.
Anthrax is an acute infectious disease that can affect animals and people.
Deaths are rare with appropriate treatment.
Sporadic threats of contamination with the potentially lethal anthrax date
back several years and have affected almost every region of the nation.
The FBI said a spate of letters last year contained only a sticky
substance or dark powder.

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