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Re: Re: DoD Tech to find LA fete shooters

FYI : There are radars that do this. Developed in Upstate NY, most
testing in NV.
An artillery shell was likened to a bumblebee in cross-section.

Michael Motyka wrote:
> I would bet that the system relies on microphones and is used much in
> the same way as seismological stations are. There is a system like this
> in the Altamont pass area to collect data from explosives tests in the
> hills East of Livermore. There are radars that can track artillery
> shells and determine their origin for subsequent air attack.


I recall a long time ago, (check them archives ya dowggies), that
someone had a
patent for a bullet tracking system and that they were pushing two
models: a
civilian one that just pinpoints where a bullet was fired from and a
one that automatically shoots back.

If I recall properly, it used sound barrier signatures to track the
It's certainly not radar or radar like, but rather their systems
recognize the
sonic boom or whatever that bullets make and triangulate on where they

Factual errors may have crept in the above description due to
limitations of my
wetware RAM. :)  So again, check dem archives.  (Do I get to win today's
May sound-alike T-Shirt?) :)