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domestic audio surveillance in LA, Redwood City

Audio sensors installed

        Last month, the sheriff's department
        installed several audio sensors on
        rooftops and utility poles in a
        1-square-mile area of the
        Willowbrook neighborhood in the
        south-central area of the county, near
        Long Beach.

        The sensors are part of the ShotSpotter system, which was
        invented by the Northern California-based Trilon Technology
        company. The sensors are designed to detect loud noises
        such as gunshots, firecrackers and car backfires. A computer
        analyzes data from the sensors and uses a method known as
        triangulation to immediately pinpoint the location of a noise
        within 30 feet. Police dispatchers can then see the locations of

        loud noises on their computer screens.

        So far, the ShotSpotter has only been adopted by Redwood
        City, just south of San Francisco. The Los Angeles County
        Sheriff's Department is testing the device for 30 days and may
        choose to buy it later for $185,000, said spokesman Deputy
        Bob Killeen.


also LA Times

Trilon's site

where you can listen to Redwood City noises...

(And you thought the Brit Hooligan Cams were just their problem..)