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Re: DVD legal maneuvers (decss and the lawyers) (fwd)

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From: "Jim Choate" <[email protected]>
> Yeah, so, again, you tell me when the shrinkwrap license becomes a binding
> license when I buy MotherFuckerPro V2.3 but don't install it, and rather
> read the disk with a Hex Editor.  At what point is the
> license binding if I haven't even installed the software???
> [ When the exchange of goods/services is finalized, most likely when they
>   take the money and you get the box and the receipt. When the box is
>   considered in your possession you are bound. Whether it is installed
>   or not is irrelevant.

Oh, boy, you're such a moron... and by reading this message, you agree to
the license that says you owe me a million bucks. What if you didn't know
what's inside before reading it? It was implied!