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Re: Reverse engineering case law

First, why is this moronic CDR: prepended to each Subject: and how to stop that ?

>somehow contrary to normal human curiosity. I think the assholes should
>follow the money and prevent copyright violators from reselling what
>isn't theirs.

There is something deeper here.

Assholes want to prevent any non-state-issued-money based exchange.

Borrowing a book to someone you know (mutual exchange of favors that does
not involve money) is a good example.

It's easy to "follow the money", but that is not their problem.

Assholes are panicking because technology enables more and more varieties
of exchange that do not involve "money". Once you factor out "money" from
your business, you have factored out state from your life. It doesn't make
them happy.

We are going to see more laws regulating how can one use his/her brain,
but that will pass.

I am actually beginning to like all this technology.