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Re: DVD legal maneuvers

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From: <[email protected]>

> Yes, that seems right, but the arguments given earlier apply equally to
> the question of whether the person agreed.  License agreements require
> acceptance, and no one has claimed that the software license agreement
> was bypassed during installation.

True. And you haven't claimed that you had brains. I think the proper course
is to start assuming they are innocent, requiring the claimant to prove
otherwise. So, where's the proof that the software license agreement wasn't
bypassed during installation?

[Note that we also have "reasonable doubt": since I have given an url to a
program which enables one to replace the caption of the button from "Yes" or
"I agree" into something else, it is reasonable to assume that others might
have done the same thing, or something equivalent - like skipping over the
installation process altogether. <g>]