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Re: DVD legal maneuvers (fwd)

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From: "Jim Choate" <[email protected]>
> They come from the very beginning as far as the legal validity of that
> contract is concerned. They are there to protect the rights of each party
> in the case of one party reniging on the contract. Without them, as
> many libertarians refuse to admit honestly, there is no way to enforce the
> contract short of the abriged contract holder resorting to violence or
> subterfuge.
> Neither of these are acceptable solutions to a disagreement in a civilized
> society.

If two parties can't enforce a contract themselves without violence, then
adding a third party doesn't help at all - either the third party settles
things using violence, or it has to enter into a contract with each of the
initial two parties, so you have only multiplied the problem.

Of course, this wasn't really intended for you, Jim, I believe you're
hopeless, just for the innocent bystanders <g>