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Re: Reply: NSA WATCHES THE STANDARDS - Sigint/Surveillance/Denmark

Hello Bo,

On Fri, 7 Jan 2000, Bo Elkjaer wrote:
> In Denmark, the chief of security Jorgen Bo Madsen at our national 
> telco Tele Danmark stated, that Tele Danmark doesn't have any cooperation
> at all with the NSA. But, as the memberlist from FRF shows, this simply
> isn't true. They _do_ have some sort of cooperation, and _this_ is the
> point of the article. We didn't get that deep into what the NSAs role in
> FRF is, I know. Colleen Russell hung up the phone, when Kenan Seeberg
> asked her, if they're in it to monitor development of encryption
> technologies. But in the context of this article, that's not important.
> The important thing is, that Tele Danmark stated, that their hands were
> clean - but they weren't.
> They lied.

hmm.. Let me get this straight. You are acusing the Telcos for cooperating
with the NSA just becasuse NSA happens to have one guy in the
stadardsgroup? If this is what you build your article on then I dont see
that It is justified in any way.

If you with protocols or in any other way can show that their in the
meeting or outside of the meetings have been a more or less specific
cooperation between the Telcos and the NSA then you might have a point.

I would give you the advice of not being so trigger happy or else ppl will
start question your bases and what your motives are.

I like what you are doing altogheter but please stay focused. 

Best regards,


(BTW: Why did you choose a paper that has naked girls in them for your
articles? That dont bring so much respect in my eyes.)

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