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Re: Reply: NSA WATCHES THE STANDARDS - Sigint/Surveillance/Denmark

Hi Per
I am doing my best to stay focused on the subject in my work with the 
UKUSA-pact and electronic surveillance. And I will continue to try and 
stay focused. 

Anyway. I know the article we're discussing here is far from being as 
detailed and revealing as the interview w. Margaret Newsham. But it does 
hold a few solid points. Let me reiterate:

1: Our local telco was trying to get the easy way out of an ongoing 
discussion by stating things that have since been documented untrue.

2: The NSA admits that they monitor international development of 
communications and encryption standards.

>I would give you the advice of not being so trigger happy or else ppl 
>will start question your bases and what your motives are.

Point taken. Allthough I sincerely hope that the work we have done so far 
- Kenan Seeberg and I - speak for itself, and that we don't appear as 
trigger-happy as you make us sound. 

As a matter of fact I had expected a hail-storm of corrections after we 
posted the articles on Cypherpunks. Not because I think the articles are
wrong or full of faults but because no matter how you do it and which
media you work for, journalism will always be a simplification of the
facts. Journalism stinks. I hope my journalism stinks a little less ;)

>I like what you are doing altogheter but please stay focused. 

I mean it when I say that I'll do my best!

>Best regards,

Yours respectfully
Bo Elkjaer, Denmark

>(BTW: Why did you choose a paper that has naked girls in them for your
>articles? That dont bring so much respect in my eyes.)

They print naked girls. But they also print my articles. I have editors 
whose eyes glaze over, whenever I use the word encryption. But so far 
they have trusted me to bring up issues like this one, the Wassenaar 
Arrangement, Enfopol etc. Free hands is a wonderful thing to have! And if
the prize to pay for free hands is an occasional picture of a naked woman
- well, I guess I can live with it...

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