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y2k irritation

                                          NEWPORT BEACH 

                                               It was Y2-chaos in Newport Beach
                                          this week as a district computer called
                                          parents--all night long Monday--telling
                                          them their kids weren't in school that day. 
                                               The glitch was the result of a Y2K
                                          upgrade, said Alan Engard, interim
                                          director of information technology for the
                                          Newport-Mesa Unified School District. 
                                               The district uses an automatic
                                          computer system to call the parents of
                                          middle and high school students who have
                                          been marked absent. 
                                               The system is normally programmed to
                                          stop calling at 9 p.m., Engard said. But
                                          after a Y2K systems upgrade, done by
                                          Williams Communication in Santa Ana,
                                          which created the system, the shut-off time
                                          was not reprogrammed.