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Re: More reasons for suppressors

At 11:28 PM 1/6/00 -1000, Reese wrote:
>>I lost a high school classmate to random gunshots;
>>some kid was cleaning his gun in his garage and shot at a bird or something.
>Sounds like a "falling bullet" fallacy to me.  Was the "kid" next door?
>Falling bullets fall, at not more than ~300 fps - that's red rider bb gun @
>20 ft velocities, or nearly super whammo sling shot velocities, for a .30
>cal 150 gr. bullet @ ~5 ft.

Apparently its not a fallacy; some kid was killed this 000
in LA.  Skulls are weaker than the sectional density of
jacketed lead x terminal velocity, apparently.  They 
apparently will puncture auto sheetmetal.  Fun surprise in
the morning after.  Mother found kid in pool of blood.

Too little time-exposure to evolve thicker skulls.  Put
it on the fixes for H sap v 2.0

Maybe LAPD should distribute free wax-blanks in a variety of
calibers in the appropriate sections of towns.