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Re: More reasons for suppressors

>More reason to talk to Louigi about that silencer...
>L.A. Sheriff Shows Off High-Tech Hardware - (LOS
>ANGELES) -- Los Angeles county sheriff Lee Baca unveils
>some new hardware designed to help find and arrest people
> who ring in the New Year with gunfire. The so-called
>shot-spotter is able to pinpoint gunfire using audio sensors
>and a global positioning system. Then its location is
>displayed on a dispatcher's screen. 

Entertaining PR move, though they need to publicize it a lot
among people who may not read newspapers, and may not speak much English.
They know "very precisely" where the gunshot came from -
it was somebody right in front of 1234 5th street 45 minutes ago :-)
If they're still in the same place when the police get there,
and still waving guns in the air shooting, that can be useful.
Otherwise, nobody saw nothing....

>The illegal practice of firing into the air has resulted in 
>numerous injuries and deaths over the years. 

I lost a high school classmate to random gunshots;
some kid was cleaning his gun in his garage and shot at a bird or something.

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