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Re: Reply: NSA WATCHES THE STANDARDS - Sigint/Surveillance/Denmark

In article <[email protected]>,
Bo Elkjaer  <[email protected]> wrote:
> In Denmark, the chief of security Jorgen Bo Madsen at our national 
> telco Tele Danmark stated, that Tele Danmark doesn't have any cooperation
> at all with the NSA. But, as the memberlist from FRF shows, this simply
> isn't true. They _do_ have some sort of cooperation, and _this_ is the
> point of the article.

I hate to say it, but sitting on a standards committee together with
someone does not imply cooperation with them.  If you've ever seen a
standards committee at work, you might be surprised that anyone would
ever use the word `cooperation' to describe how they operate. ;-)

Seriously, the evidence you've presented shows only that both the NSA
and Tele Danmark are interested in keeping up to date with Frame Relay
issues.  That's a very tenuous link, and it says nothing about cooperation.
I think Jorgen Bo Madsen's statement is entirely supportable, in light
of the facts we've heard so far.  While there may well have been some
nefarious cooperation between Tele Danmark and the NSA, I'd want to see
some evidence of it first before coming to any conclusions.