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Re: FDA Attacks Alternative Web Sites

At 02:44 PM 1/7/00 -0500, Matthew Gaylor wrote:
>            One of the FDA's proposals is to be able to fine Internet
>pharmacies $500,000 every time they dispense a drug without a prescription
>authorized by the agency. With this kind of excessive fining power, the
>FDA will be able to bankrupt any online pharmacy it targets. To make it
>easy for them to shut down large numbers of web sites, the FDA wants the
>power to issue subpoenas without first obtaining a court order, a
>totalitarian tactic the American public revolted against when the agency
>proposed it in 1990. Finally, the FDA says it wants to set up "a rapid
>response team" to identify, investigate, and prosecute web sites.  In
>other words, the FDA is seeking to establish an army of cyberspace
>storm-troopers to enable it to shut down large numbers of web sites

Time for these purveyors of non-nutritional supplements to re-incorporate
with foreign executives, so no criminal charges can be made to stick, and
hold inventory in jobber and distributors, so no inventory will be seized.