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US: Export Unlimited Key Lengths

>From "A National Security Strategy for a New Century,"
issued by the White House on January 5:

Encryption is an example of a specific technology where 
careful balance is required.  Export controls on encryption 
must be considered as part of an overall policy that balances 
several important national interests, including promoting 
secure electronic commerce, protecting privacy rights, 
supporting public safety and national security interests, and 
maintaining U.S. industry leadership.

Over the past year, the Administration, in consultation with 
industry and privacy groups, conducted a review of its encryption 
policy as well as foreign and domestic markets, and announced an 
updated policy in September 1999. While continuing a balanced 
approach, the new policy significantly streamlines export 
controls while protecting critical national security interests.  

When the new encryption export regulation is published in early 
2000, U.S. companies will be afforded new opportunities to sell 
their encryption products without limits on key length to global 
businesses, commercial organizations and individuals.  Most U.S. 
mass-market software products, previously limited to 40 and 56 
bit keys, will be approved for export to any end user."

Full report:

   http://cryptome.org/nss2000.htm  (232K)


   http://cryptome.org/nss200.zip  (76K)