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Re: More reasons for suppressors

At 08:37 PM 1/8/00 -0800, Bill Stewart wrote:
>>Sounds like a "falling bullet" fallacy to me.  Was the "kid" next door?
>>Falling bullets fall, at not more than ~300 fps - that's red rider bb gun @
>>20 ft velocities, or nearly super whammo sling shot velocities, for a .30
>>cal 150 gr. bullet @ ~5 ft.
>>Was this person hit by an errant bullet, that "fell" through a window?
>>Sounds like a good reason to divest from glass, and invest in Lexan
>>(kevlar, spectra, etc.)
>Gary was outside, attending a lacrosse game.
>Bullet hit him in the head and killed him.
>What I heard from his friends was that the shooter was about 1/4 mile away,
>but that can't be treated with any level of precision.

1/4 mile?  That wasn't a falling bullet then, unless you count 0-1 inches
drop, as "falling."