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Re: Jim Bovard Article in Playboy- February 2000 Issue

>At 1:39 AM -0800 1/9/00, Petro wrote:
>	Of course, by writing for Playboy, he is part of a 
>Corporation that supports the suppression of free speech...<snip>
>The Playboy audience is worth reaching,  no matter how "impure" they 
>may or may not be.

	I was referring to Playboy the Company, not readership.

	It would be like one of Stalins assistants complaining about 
the Final Solution in Germany.  A Pot Kettle Black situation.
Some may be willing to rely on withering editorials in the New York Times
to preserve their liberty.  I'm counting on a sleek and tasteful SIG-Sauer.
If the courts started interpreting the Second Amendment the way they interpret
the First, we'd have a right to bear nuclear arms by now.--Ann Coulter