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Re: No Y2K cyberterror threats after all -- FBI

At 08:19 PM 01/09/2000 -0800, Alan Olsen wrote:
>No Y2K cyberterror threats after all -- FBI
>The FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) reports no unusual
>cyberterror activity under cover of the Y2K rollover, despite months of 
>sensational warnings and apocalyptic predictions involving doomsday 
>religious cults, white supremacists, conspiracy paranoiacs and hostile 
>foreign powers.
>   During her weekly press availability, US Attorney General Janet Reno 
>dodged the question of why, if the FBI was so concerned, the rollover 
>actually yielded so little in the way of anarchy. "The nice answer would be 
>that there was no threat. What we must all do, I think, is...take 
>reasonable precautions...when we have specific information that can inform 
>the American people, that we advise them," she warbled.

	"By loudly and frequently yelling 'Wolf, Wolf',
	we not only temporarily scared off all the wolves, 
	we raised the public's awareness of the danger of wolves
	and the presence of wolves hiding under their beds,
	and the need to hire more people to yell 'Wolf, Wolf'
	to deter future attacks by these vicious predators."

Bill Stewart, [email protected]
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