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RE: More reasons for suppressors

Reese is still hung up about whether the bullets are falling or not,
which still isn't the important issue.  The point is that if
criminally negligent people go shooting guns in the air,
you can still end up with dead people.  

>> From: 	Reese[SMTP:[email protected]]

>> Sounds like a "falling bullet" fallacy to me.  Was the "kid" next door?
>> Falling bullets fall, at not more than ~300 fps - that's red rider bb gun
>> @
>> 20 ft velocities, or nearly super whammo sling shot velocities, for a .30
>> cal 150 gr. bullet @ ~5 ft.
>> Was this person hit by an errant bullet, that "fell" through a window?

At 01:56 PM 01/10/2000 -0500, Trei, Peter wrote:
>> From: [email protected] (Norman F. Johnson)Newsgroups: rec.guns
>> Subject: falling bulletsDate: 19 Apr 1995 22:02:44 -0400Sean,
>> # I don't know what terminal velocity for a bullet is,  but I do know that
>> # it's still moving fast enough to cause injury.  Every year around the
>> # Fourth of July,  the newspapers in the Bay Area where I used to live
>> # would always have one or two stories of someone who got hit with a
>> # falling bullet.  The injuries were occasionally severe.  The speed is
>> # much less than muzzle velocity,  for sure,  but it's still dangerous.

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