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An Israeli View on Cyberterrorism and Orthodox Internet Banning

From: "Yosi Margalit" <[email protected]>
To: "Matthew Gaylor" <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: New Article On Web Drug Info Ban By Dana Larsen
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 22:31:59 +0200

Dear Matt,

1. Constitutionally you are absolutely right.

2. Law Enforcement agencies in USA have one hell of a job to enforce the
existing law [ and they are not too bad at it - as we see the extension to
Israel in cases like the "Analyser" who coached some boys (under aged) to
"break into" some of the USA government sites. ]  Nonetheless, is their mind
occupied with the Cyber threats - which is far from being SCI--FI as many
would like it to be.

3. My exposure internationally for the last 20 years seems to reveal several
hints of some Asian nations contemplating cyber attacks, as well as some
Moslem extremist movements (fundamentalists if you like) - it is much more
effective and less dangerous to attack in the cyberspace then to blow up
the twin towers (or the likes of it) and get a few scores of people killed
and injured and often blow oneself (the operator) to legendary heaven as a
Moslem "Shahid".

4. Rabies against the internet - this is the most hypocritical "Ban" they
could invent - they have hundreds of extremely orthodox ladies in their
colleges (segregated to females only) studying Programming and Information
Technology. They have 1thousands of PCs at their homes (long ago they have
teleworking software houses and outsourcing of data capture) - this is the
way the family is supported - Men "work" by studying in "Kolel"s (sort of
Rabbinical College with grants).

5. Their pretext is pornography \ sex - which they could censor out (like
USA parents do for kids) but the real reason is their fear of the "open
roads to sciences and humanities and other religions! However the Rabies can
not enforce the directive at home - they use the fear of  God and his
authorised messengers (i.e., the Rabbi), it is like mind police (1984) - if
you as a person, have some inner independence of mind - you simply disobey
the ban. Where you go in the cyber space is up to your moral decision
solely - and besides most sites of Porn \Sex have a request for "adult
certification" which cost money, which is far from available for most
Orthodox Jewish community members.

6. Several years ago I have hired a lady - daughter of a leading Orthodox
Rabbi and businessman - just out of her college - she got trained on MAGIC
II (1989) which was a great tool for application development (now Magic 8
and traded in NASDAC !) - she was an excellent minded system analyst, with a
vast knowledge of the world - she got married soon after (their custom) and
since then has a child regularly every year - she works from home mostly and
earns a nice  salary like any hi-tech expert in Israel. She is rather
outstanding person - but not very rare. So I guess the "ban" is to justify
some more schnor (grants or elms as you wish) from the USA branch of the
same community - as usual.

7. Jewish Religion is a very open minded among other rules a Man is
allowed - if his hormones are too active - to travel to another town \
city - wear black (to disguise) and entertain himself with a "working
girl" - all this provided he does not shame his wife by being recognised by
fellow community members as "fooling around". Sex is no scene in Jewish
terms, not even out of marital status ("shameful maybe for the lady
involved) - extra-marital relations are forbidden only if incest or by a
married woman with another man except her husband.

Hope you enjoyed my defence of the Internet against the Jewish Orthodox



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