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Re: Jodi Hoffman's R.A.M.P. Victimization of Children/Research &

Jodi Hoffman <[email protected]> wrote:
>Nice try, Matt.  He did give up his practice for about eight months.  At
>the time you mentioned it, almost a year later, we has just purchased a
>law firm and gone back to practicing law.  We didn't build the website,
>nor did we check the content each day to be sure it was accurate (just
>as today, you will note, it looks the same as it did last year...).  Why
>am I bothering with this....???

Your own words impeach yourself.
"nor did we check the content each day to be sure it was accurate". 
Don't you think that someone from an organization that claims to want 
to restore America's moral pride (R.A.M.P.) should at least make a 
minimal attempt not to place untrue declarations, especially those 
that ask for money on your web site?

I don't really sense a feeling of repentance from you, but rather a 
Jimmy Swaggert, "you caught me" kind of response.  Or is your 
morality meant for me and not for you?

Regards,    Matt-

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