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Too much jerking off....


	First of all, I already know how to crochet.  

	Secondly, the moral disintegration of society is only a pagan's 
idea of fun, not mine.  How would you like it if your little girl had to 
run the risk of watching some pervert masturbating simply because she 
wanted to go to the library to do research on antique crochet patterns?

	Masturbating in the presence of a minor child is a second degree 
felony in the state of Florida.  Apparently, according to your 
standards, you should be free to go out and commit similar second or 
third degree felonies with no legal consequence.  Do you really think 
that society has no legitimate interest in enforcing law?  If you really 
believe this law is morally unjust, I challenge you to go masturbate in 
public and get arrested to protest the law, not just sit back and make 
smug comments from the safety of your computer terminal.   

Lizard wrote:
> >
> You know, some people have *normal* hobbies. Filing lawsuits for fun
> strikes me as a bit..weird. Have you considered crochet?
> Besides, look at it this way:If the perverts jerk off, they won't have the
> energy left to do any actual raping.

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