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Re: Too much jerking off....

At 04:15 PM 1/9/00 -0500, Jodi Hoffman wrote:

>         First of all, I already know how to crochet.

"By hook or by crook..."

>         Secondly, the moral disintegration of society is only a pagan's
>idea of fun, not mine.  How would you like it if your little girl had to
>run the risk of watching some pervert masturbating simply because she
>wanted to go to the library to do research on antique crochet patterns?

I know a few Pagans who might want to have a word for you over than remark.

Pervert's masturbating in public usually get removed by the local 
police.  Even in Florida.  (Just ask Paul Rubens.)

As for looking at a nekid woman causing "the moral disintegration of 
society"...  Do you have any evidence that it will?  (By accredited 
scientists, not those shills the Women's Anti-Sex League hires to do their 

Do you really believe that people have so little self control that the mere 
sight of a naked breast will cause a male to immediately and uncontrollably 
start whacking off?  If you do, then I suggest you need some serious 
sessions with a psychiatrist.

You are trying to force your religion on myself and my children by force of 
law. You are doing it by the sleaziest and most contemptible methods 
possible.  I seem to remember one of your holy books commanding that people 
not bear false witness against their neighbors.  Has that been repealed or 
do you just ignore that parts you don't like.  (Matthew 19:12 for example.)

>         Masturbating in the presence of a minor child is a second degree
>felony in the state of Florida.  Apparently, according to your
>standards, you should be free to go out and commit similar second or
>third degree felonies with no legal consequence.  Do you really think
>that society has no legitimate interest in enforcing law?  If you really
>believe this law is morally unjust, I challenge you to go masturbate in
>public and get arrested to protest the law, not just sit back and make
>smug comments from the safety of your computer terminal.

Since this is already against the law, the purpose of your lawsuit is...?

Oh, I forgot.  This is to remove the POSSIBILITY of someone jerking off at 
a library terminal by making it so boring they will not have anything to 
jerk off to.  (Usable content be damned.)  A book burner by any other name 
would smell just as foul.

I suggest you need to go to the library and do some basic research on the 
history of porn. (Yes, they have books on that.  That is if your comrades 
have not stolen them for their own vile purposes.)  People have masturbated 
to all sorts of things.  Most of them try to do it in private 
however.  (Sears catalogs have been used for that purpose for about 100 
years.  How is your lawsuit against them going?) There are examples of 
images used for such purposes going back as far as man has existed.  I 
would say that you are fighting a losing battle.  (But that has never 
stopped zealots like yourself.)  People are still arguing for Biblical 
inerrantcy, a biblical flood and the world being only 6,000 years old, all 
evidence to the contrary.  Just because all evidence points against a 
certain set of events, it does not mean that their are not people so 
blinded by their faith that they won't believe it anyway.

I think you need to stop confusing your religion with reality.

>Lizard wrote:
> > >
> > You know, some people have *normal* hobbies. Filing lawsuits for fun
> > strikes me as a bit..weird. Have you considered crochet?
> >
> > Besides, look at it this way:If the perverts jerk off, they won't have the
> > energy left to do any actual raping.
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