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Re: Internet Threat To Israel, Say Rabbis

At 04:47 AM 1/8/00 -0500, Matthew Gaylor wrote:
>Saturday 8 January 2000
>Internet threat to Israel, say rabbis
>By Alan Philps in Jerusalem
>ISRAEL'S leading orthodox rabbis have issued a ruling banning the 
>internet from Jewish homes, arguing that it is "1,000 times more 
>dangerous than television" and threatens the survival of the country.
What is especially amusing is that the mullahs of Iran, arch-foes of
Israel, have said almost the exact same thing, virtually word-for-word.

I think that there is no meaningful distinction between orthodox Jews,
ultra-conservative Muslims, and Fundemenetalist Christians. They're ALL
narrow-minded book-burning scum, and the sooner their memes are excised
from the pool, the better.

(As a data point in support of this conjecture, note that Jodi Hoffman went
from being an Orthodox Jew to a Fundementalist Christian with no noticeable
change in lifestyle or temperament.)