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Announcing a NEW benefit for ZDNet members: ZDNet eCircles!

Dear ZDNet Member,

ZDNet is pleased to announce a new benefit for our members:
ZDNet eCircles, a private place on the Web just for YOU!

We're partnering with eCircles.com to give you a private place on
the Web where you can share photos and music, keep in touch with
family and friends, plan group events, play games and much more.
To become a member, simply click on the link below and login,
using your ZDNet login name and password.

ZDNet eCircles is easy, fun to use and FREE. Each eCircle comes
equipped with these features:

____On-Line Photo Albums____
ZDNet eCircles offers the fastest, easiest way to create online
photo albums and share photos on the web. You can add photos from
your PC to your circles and invite your friends to view them.

____ Music Storage ____
Want to share MP3s with friends and family? Now you can place music
in your eCircle so everyone in your group can enjoy it. With a
whopping 50 megabytes of storage space, there's plenty of room
for everyone to post their favorite tunes!

____Group Event Calendar____
Say goodbye to phone tag and group e-mails. With ZDNet eCircles,
it's easy to plan events and get people together. When you post
events to your calendar, everyone in your circle will have a
central place to find the most up-to-date info. Plus, all circle
members will get e-mail notification of new events.

We hope you enjoy your new ZDNet eCircles!

--The ZDNet eCircles Team