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Re: (Fwd) Australian "ITAR" regulations

Hi there,

> An anonymous opinion from inside the Defence Dept holds that electronic
> bits on a wire do not constitute goods, and as a result if you ship
> electronically, you are not subject to the regulations.  If you ship a
> CD or floppy or other physical media containing software, you violate the
> regulations.

Watch out for those anonymous opinions; I received exactly the opposite
opinion when I spoke to the Defence Signals Directorate about the issue
(back in 1994) -- after specifically asking about a few hypothetical
cases. Of course, either opinion may be correct, which is the real

> I'll add this to the SSLeay legality FAQ - standard disclaimers apply
> of course, obtain professional legal advice before exporting SSLeay.

Definitely ... what a pain, however :-(.

Best of luck!

Matthew Gream -- [email protected].