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Re: Handling Abuses of Remailers

> * To handle _abusive volumes_ through remailers, charge for remailing.
> Short term, this may be a problem, but this is the long term market
> solution.
> * To handle _abusive messages_ through remailers, ignore them. "Sticks and
> stones" and all that. Put positive reputation filters in place. Accept
> e-mail only through those you know or have reason to trust.
> As Sandy Sandfort so cogently put it, punish the perps, not the words of
> the perps. This is the basis of our society, and a good basis, too. 

All this is very well for a cypherpunks-type remailer, used by a small
number of experienced users. But it doesn't apply very well to anonymous
posting/mailing services for a large number of "simple" users (services like
anon.penet.fi), nor to alt.whistleblower. Do we need to split up the
list to handle the rather diferent threads?