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IPng6, SWIPE, ssh, etc.

I would like some summary opinions of the state of various efforts to
enable full IP encryption.  I'm looking for progress reports and hints
as to which technologies are the closest to being implementable.

After playing with ssh, I've been thinking of what it would take to
start migrating certain links to full encryption, possibly using a
VPN-like arrangement.

I'm interested in hacking Linux, loopback userspace drivers for other Unix's,
and thinking about what would need to be done for MS-BLECH.  Of course,
firewall like conversion of IP<->IPng6 would be great.

Of course now that Linux has IP aliasing, IP masquerading (partial I think),
ipfw, and IP over IP tunneling, it has much of what it needs.  I'm just
considering development and migration paths.

I haven't kept up on IPng6 docs, so succinct pointers would be helpful.

One interesting tact might be to start running a dual IPng6/IP stack
where it learns to tunnel packets over a well-known IP udp/tcp link
if an address doesn't respond to IPng6.

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