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PC E-cash (NewsClip)

Secret Service Says Student Used PC To Print Money

Lubbock, Tex., Aug. 3 -- PC graphics programs have come a
long way since their inception, but not far enough to fool
the Secret Service. That's what a Texas Tech student tried
to do when he used his personal computer to print
counterfeit money, according to Secret Service agents. 

"He really put his whole heart and soul into it," according
to Lubbock, Texas Secret Service Resident Agent David

Freriks said the man is an engineering student at Texas
Tech, but told agents he plans to change his major to
computer science. The 20-year old student hasn't been
identified by name since he hasn't been formally charged
yet, according to Freriks. But officials apparently aren't
concerned that he will flee. "At this point, he's more
afraid of his dad than anything," said one agent.

Freriks said the Pakistani national, who resides in
affluent southwest Lubbock, scanned a real $50 bill into
his PC, then printed the image to an Epson inkjet color
printer. Agents said the money looked real at a distance
but up close the designs were blurred, the coloration was
faulty, and the paper was slick and didn't have a watermark

Freriks said agents are confident that all of the
approximately $3,300 that was circulated has been recovered
except for about $1,000 which he said he is sure will show
up eventually, since the quality makes it easy for bank
employees to spot. ...

Investigators seized the home computer, printer and scanner
from the student's home. They said they also found a
suitcase containing almost $260,000 in fake $50 bills.