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Responding to msg by [email protected] ("Alan 
Pugh") on Sat, 05 Aug 10:24 PM

>a friend of mine who has an mcimail account is having 
>trouble getting  messages to a person in the far east 
>with an address that looks like this...
><FLAST+PERMATMS%[email protected]
>i've never seen a "%" or "+" in an address before and 
>am wondering  if anyone out there can tell me what they 
>mean, or if they can be resolved to a typical 


   Below is a similarly formatted address here in NYC. It is
   heirarchical, from left: Angelic CU + hir Mad-Dog Dept %
   the Cruel Bastard Org @ Tel Mail Hell.

   <LinetH+aFCRCCOS%[email protected]>

   If your friend's CBO is like Forest City Ratner, a
   Trump-wanna-be developer pack of urban rabid-rat-infestors,
   then the system was probably set up by a
   do-anything-for-a-fee consultant to a paranoidal CEO who
   buys oddles of pseudo-technical gimmicks for corporate
   obfuscation as a means to pyramidially distance hirself
   from the lowly mite-interminators minimally-paid to
   meta-desecrate the hiroshima-scape.

   According to "LinetH," if you are to the left of a " + "
   you are " - " but hyper-visible to the cyclopian, leering
   "+"-sisadmin eager to catch caged animals using the sys for
   private mail (hey, Bear Stearns-mogul leeches, fail yer
   prostate/mammogram test, LH sez).

   Or so LH quietly e-pecks in PGP, having learned not to
   trust any of the hir-MFs. Shh, the "%"-admin is lurking
   fearfully just left of [email protected]