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Public image...

Another crosspollination from PUBLIC_KEYS. Just something to think

It refers to Keith Henson's article I ran in FidoNews (apparently the
file was corrupted, but that's another story.)

This is in no way to imply that the story is bad, nor that I didn't
like it (I did), nor that this is even a common opinion. I actually
received a few thanks for running it. It's just something to consider.
And implies that Keith's article/story is doing it's job!

A message from Tom Jennings to all was released into the bitstream 20 Oct 92  

 TJ> re: PUBLIC RELATIONS, hell, substance too --

 TJ> If what we're doing here is ensuring PRIVACY, let's call it PRIVACY.
 TJ> Calling it encryption simply drops us into the same category as
 TJ> crackers and criminals.

 TJ> This isn't apologia; it's infowar. The "anti abortion" people calling
 TJ> themselves "pro life" is a good example (regardless of what you think
 TJ> of the subject, please, I don't want to know, not even in netmail!)
 TJ> Naming is powerful, especially when names have content. "PRIVACY" is
 TJ> age-old, and crosses all boundaries, and is inherently anti-statist.
 TJ> ENCRYPTION is cloak'n'dagger, late night movies, WWII, espionage, etc.

Speaking of which, the story by Keith Henson in this week's FidoNews
probably set us back ten years.  Now data encryption's indelibly
linked with saboteurs, criminals and terrorists. :-( 

Well, maybe not _everyone_ reads FidoNews... :-)


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