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Privacy etc.

Definitely agreed with Tom's take on calling it "privacy" instead of
"encryption."  Connotations are entirely positive, tie in with modesty and
domestic comfort and other nice things.  

Privacy and it's opposite: The following quote comes from the novel _We_ by
Eugene Zamiatin, who wrote it in the USSR in the 20s only to see it banned
and himself exiled to Paris.  _We_ was also a primary source of inspiration
for Orwell's _1984_, and is definitely worth reading.

"Normally we live surrounded by transparent walls which seem to be knitted
of sparkling air; we live beneath the eyes of everyone, always bathed in
light.  We have nothing to conceal from one another; besides, this mode of
living makes the difficult and exalted task of the Guardians much easier.
Without it many bad things might happen."

Transparent walls with nothing to conceal.  And of course, people who live
in glass skyscrapers don't throw stones...