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I have a new address where I am running a cryptographically
protected, anonymous remailer based on Eric Hughes' perl scripts.

It is: <[email protected]>.

To use the server, put "Request-Remailing-To: <destination-address>"
into the header of the message, and send it to the above address.  If
your mailer won't let you put things into message headers, instead make
the first line of your message body be just the two characters "::",
and make the next line be "Request-Remailing-To: <destination-address>",
and make the next line be blank.  The "::" tells the remailer to take
the following lines, up to a blank one, and put them into the header.

This particular remailer has PGP integrated into it so that you can
encrypt your messages to the remailer.  That way a snooper can't see
the "Request-Remailing-To" information and can't tell who you are
sending to.

To use this feature, create a message and put "::" and
"Request-Remailing-To:" lines at the beginning, followed by a blank
line.  Then encrypt this whole message, including these extra lines,
using PGP with the remailer key below.  (Remember to use the -a flag
for ASCII output.)

Now, you have to do one more thing.  You have to put "Encrypted: PGP"
into the message header when you send this message.  Again, if you
can't put stuff into message headers, you have to edit the PGP ASCII
output file to add a line of "::", then a line saying "Encrypted: PGP",
then a blank line.  This can then be sent to the address above.  It
will decrypt the message, find the "Request-Remailing-To" line, and
forward it for you.

This machine is on the Internet so it should have nice, fast

Be aware that this is a multi-user machine so the encryption is not
super secure.  Don't bet your life on these messages not being broken.
This is strictly experimental at this time.

If anyone would like help getting PGP or one of these remailers
operating on your local Unix machine, let me know and I will offer any
advice that I can.  I would really like to see more people than just
Eric and myself running remailers.

There is a more advanced capability made possible by the cryptographic
remailer, which is an "anonymous return address."  The idea is, I can
post to a group like this, or a usenet group, using a pseudonym.  I
also include my anonymous return address, which is basically my
regular return address, encrypted using the public key of a remailer.
People can use this anonymous return address to send to me by
forwarding it through the remailer, which decrypts the address, finds
out who I am, and sends it to me.  The people communicating to me
don't even have to know who I am, or what my email address is.  Two
people could communicate using email, with both of their identities
being protected from the other.  This kind of capability can really
be important in crypto-privacy.

[email protected]

P.S. Here is the PGP key for this remailer:

Version: 2.01