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re: Re: (fwd) A Silver Bullet to Limit Crypto?

 U> From: [email protected] (George A. Gleason)

 U> Rapid promulgation of decent user-friendly PKSs looks 
 U> pretty essential at this point.  I'm thinking, how about 
 U> approaching Apple to see if they'll include a PKS along 
 U> with their Macs, as bundled software, sort of like 
 U> Hypercard.  Even if the PKS which is used, has some 
 U> problem with is, as for instance the old trapdoor-knapsack 
 U> system, **anything** is preferable to nothing at all when 
 U> it comes to getting the public educated.

I agree 101% -- I'd rather have a "bad" system in place, with people
asking for a good one (and roundly complaining about the short-sighted
implementors :-) than to sit and wait until we can implement the
"right" system.

I'd much rather have email users want privacy and rag about their
compromised system. Even a relatively poor one buts some substantial
blocks into routine bulk monitoring of traffic...

As frequently happens, the real problem is not technical.

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