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Some organizational trivia to consider

   I will be "off line" for a few days now,  as I have to do some work
to help out an old friend.    I'll be back "on line" sometime late
Tuesday,  and hopefull will have formulated some organizational plan
to propose to the group.    In the meantime,   start thinking about
how we can organize "on line" meetings (Or even meetings in person)
to hammer out some type of plan.

   Someone mentioned a meeting to be taken place later,    is this
meeting for the Cypherpunks project?

   My involvement at this point will be that of an adviser,   and
perhaps pump in some ideas to the group.    As the host of the
Programmers Netsork,  I am experienced at setting up organizational
groups,    but often these groups tend to "fizzle out" as people have
other time committments,   so it's important that we try and work out
a mechanism for "passing the torch" when one person has to bow out
for some reason.    

   My recommendation is to set up an FTP site where one can download the
latest organizational plan,   people involved,   who is doing what,  etc,
and keep this info updated on a regular basis.    I don't recommend that
just ONE person do this,   it has to be done by several people in the event
one (or more) have to drop out for some reason.

   In the meantime,  just be thinking about the following:
a) Setting up a cypherpunks FTP site to contain organizational info,  latest
   source code,  who is doing what,   and a list of things that need to be
b) Maintaining a SOurce code control mechanism whereby people can "check out"
   code modules and work in parallel towards a common goal.
c) Provide periodic updates by posting important info to the rest of Cyberspace
   via UseNet or other on-line systems.
   Till next Tuesday,  take care Y'all....   See U in Cypherspace next Tues
John Draper
[email protected]
[email protected]