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What's More Important?

I try to never say on lists or newsgroups that some subject is
inappropriate, or boring, has already been beaten to death, etc.
Instead, I figure it's up to others to make this choice. I can always
ignore threads that don't interest me.

But let me confess I'm mystified as to why the subject of random
number generators (and CD-ROMs filled with them) is getting so much
attention while Hal Finney's remarkable post on his work toward a
fully-encrypted remailer (allowing digital pseudonyms) has received
no discussion whatsover!

Random number generators, in software and in hardware, pop up in
discussions on sci.crypt every couple of months or so. Every argument
made here, every basic question, etc., has already come up several
times in just past year! Furthermore, and I don't mean to sound
chiding or condescending, one-time pads are fundamentally not the way
to go. Yes, I know that I just applauded George Gleason's
cryptodiversity idea...but I see the stark contrast between the dozens
of postings on RNGs, Rander, one-time pads, and CD-ROMs and the utter
lack of postings about Hal's remailer...and I am chagrined.

Granted, Hal's system is hard to follow. This is another area where
some diagrams would help immensely, especially drawn on a blackboard.

But anonymous remailing is where cypherpunks need to be.


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