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Re: Rander box and other stuff

>>I heard something somewhere about hard disks with a layer of thermite
>>inside the platter.  Can you say "ferrous vapor"?
>>For me the ideal cryptosystem would be a small notebook with a thermite hard
>>drive and TEMPEST shielding and no multitasking.
>you forgot the auto self destruct if the unit is more then 4 meters from
>your person. 

If we're going to have auto self destruct with a range limit, it should also
be waterproof so I can take it swimming (and so that the self destruct
system won't be impeded by water).

And if it's going to have a four meter limit, it needs to be so light that I
can carry it absolutely everywhere, like under 500 grams, and if it's going
to be that small, it won't be able to have a keyboard (use pen input) or a
hard drive (lots of battery backed ram instead).

In fact, now that we've dropped the hard drive and the keyboard, it might as
well just be a dedicated crytosystem, make it about 10cmX10cmX1cm and give
it an ether port, an rs232 port, a pcmcia port and an rj11 port.  It's
doable and would provide the ultimate security.