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The Cypherpunks Mail Project

The time is now arrived for a more concerted effort to deploy

It has become clear from the discussions on the list here that the
first step should be encrypted e-mail.  Unfortunately, mail is not
homogeneous; there is no one place to push on the mail system to add
encryption.  Thus, regardless of the method used for encryption, we
will need to add support to every single mail user agent.

I now call for this work to begin.

We will begin with the first step: a survey of existing mail agents.
I volunteer to conduct the survey.  I want to collect the following
information from _everybody_ on the list:

1.  What mail agent(s) do you use to read your everyday mail?

2.  What platforms, hardware and software, do you use it on?

Reply to [email protected] as soon as you read this message.
It only takes a minute to tell me how you read mail.