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The Cypherpunks Mail Project

Step Two in the Mail Project is to gather together the social facts of
mail software development: where the source code is and who maintains

Participation in this step is not required, but a distributed effort
to find this information would be greatly appreciated.

Therefore, if you know where to find source code for your own (or any
other) mail reader, please send it along.  Be complete.  Include at
least the following information:

1.  The name of the mail agent.
2.  The current version number.
3.  A machine name where the code is located, presumably via anonymous ftp.
4.  The directory on the machine where it can be found.
5.  The author(s) and maintainer(s) of the software.
6.  The licensing status of the software:  public domain, Gnuware, 
  university property but publicly usable, etc.
7.  Any useful political information about convincing whoever to support

If your mail agent is commercial, then send the name of the
manufacturer and any other information you can think of.