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Status on Mac PGP

Greetings cypherpunks:

   Talked to Phiil Zimmerman on phone this evening,  and he recommends
that the current Mac team be devided up into teo parts.   One a
short term team which no doubt will be what exists already,  and
a long term team to do a more Mac'ish GUI.  I agreed to do that,
and Phil is planning to set up a phone conference call with the
entire Mac PGP team to introduce the new proposals to everyone
at once.  this meeting will happen sometime early this week,  and
I'll be giving reports on what has transpired.

   I also sent to each of the Mac PGP members the details of the
cypherspace meeting,  but have not yet mentioned my proposal to 
help manage the team,   as I want to meet everyone first.

   I also agreed to make up a function list of the C functions in the
PGP program (Which I usually do when I study new code),   and will send 
it to anyone who wants it.   

   Oh!! By the way,  If I start up the existing Mac PGP,  running
Microphone II at the same time.    Then,  when I encrypt a file,
it hangs up the system.    This only hangs up when I decrypt a file
first,  then I go into editor to edit a file,  and save it.   After
saving the plaintext file,  then I encrypt it,   it will hang up the Mac
and needs resetting.   It requires a COLD boot,  and not a simple
reset.   Has anyone else experienced this problem?  I suspect that
a new version of Mac PGP might soon become available.   Hmmm  I must
start thinking of what the ICON should look like!!

More later....

John D.