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The legality of PGP

   >I wonder--I have RSA Mailsafe.  Do you think that would give me a license
   >to use RSA if I loaded up PGP?  Keith

   Doubtful -- RSA tends to be licensed on a per application per copy
   basis, not on a per human basis. If it was licensed on a per-human
   basis, I would have bought a personal "unlimited use" license long ago.

Well, they sell licenses for RC2 and RC4 for $100 per, which are on a
per-person basis.  And something said to me at Weenix Expo by an RSA
salesdroid implied that $100 could get one a generic kind of RSA license.
I didn't press the point, and I don't have anything in writing, but
they're happy to talk at 415.595.8782 if you want better than
unsubstantiated hearsay...

I'd call myself if I was ever awake during PST business hours...