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Remailer ideas

[email protected] sez

>Well, remailers are working, admittedly a bit clunky at the moment,

Okay, here's something easy to implement: a "From: stripper" specifically
for the cypherpunks address, like, 
        [email protected] .

The point is that all you have to do to use it is to have the address.
The same for the following ideas:

Harder: something that takes mail to arbitrary "user ids" at its machine and
remails based on them, so you could send to me at, say,
        sw%%[email protected] .

Harder: take a long encrypted address as the user id.  Do mail systems
allow arbitrary length user ids?  Anyway, you'd be mailing to things like:
        wjefa248hap94ghs39p8g4s9perspe98b9p08serhg9p8serh9sherp9hse9rp89sper898psexrg99p8ser989regp9ser9pys98per9pse8ry9p8sxyer9p8yser9p8ys9per8p9se8ry9psey[email protected]remailer.somewhere.com

I realize these things have weaknesses beyond the kazoo, but wadaya think?


[email protected] (FutureNerd Steve Witham)