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Re: SF Bay Area Parties

Edgar Swank wrote:
> Cypherpunks,          <[email protected]>
>  Extropians           <[email protected]>
   Libernet             <[email protected]>
> Since all the above groups, of which I am a member, are not known
> for sponsoring social functions, I suggest we co-opt the Pen SFA
> parties.  Their latest "Winnie" newsletter is attached. Please note
> and follow "rules".  I especially recommend the 12/26 party. ...

Interested people are definitely invited to attend PenSFA parties
(though not to "co-opt" them..), but we prefer not to post the meeting
notices to random mailing lists since they include hosts' addresses and
phones.  [Edgar didn't know this because I failed to tell him; my
fault, not his.]  But please don't forward the whole Winnie on to other
lists. (Especially, don't post it to USENET...)

If you'd like more information on PenSFA, email me, I have a information
handout to give you; also email me to get on the list for more announcements.

Rich ([email protected])