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On the issue of digital cash and remailers

tcmay writes:
>Banks, escrow services, etc. will all have "reputations"...

Note that a good reputation is good as gold.  Now, when I get my remailer up
and running, I'll run it for a while in "free mode" (while I get the bugs out)
and then I'll put it into "reputation sharing mode" which works as follows:

Every time I get a message to be re-mailed, I remember the sender's site
name.  Later, when I desire to mail something, I may choose to send it through
that site.  If operating in free mode, it passes through.  If it is not a
remailer or doesn't accept my message (via a bounce) I take it off my list
of friendly mailers and and begin bouncing messages that it sends to me. 
This should, of course, all happen automagically.

I realize that I am describing this somewhat poorly (it's late and I'm tired)
but the basic concept is to get everuyone who wants to send mail through a
re-mailer to become a remailer, or perhaps buy "friendship" with one
through external means.  This propogates remailers.

The simplest form of barter is one for one.