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An easy-to-reply anonymous mail scheme

The only solution (and I think I mean ONLY) is positive filtering.
When pseudonyms proliferate, the only way to cut down on trash is by
filtering based on reputation.  Since negative reputation can be
avoided simply by creating another pseudonym, the only reputation that
will make a difference is positive reputation:  credibility.  

An example system would be one in which I give credibility and
transitive credibility ratings to all the names whose posts I want to
see.  The transitive part lets me discover new people (who know
people I respect who know people they respect...).  Then anyone
credible can introduce someone else around simply by deciding to read
their mail (assuming their taste is good enough that people want to
read what they're reading).

This grows in several directions: AI, reputation services (magazines),
etc.  A public system with pseudonyms will require this very quickly.
Reputation systems only work if things are digitally signed, of course
(so readers and filters can't be spoofed).

I will be talking about this more at the next cypherpunks meeting.